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13 July 2007 text Nikola Shahpazov, photos Ilian Ruzhin
When during a euphoric Friday night we found the new episode of the photo comics Cats, we found it a good idea to meet the head of Paper Movie project Milen Antiohov. He appeared to be talkative and very enthusiastic about everything connected to his favourite black and white stories. We talked for a long time, here are some selected episodes.

How long did it take to publish the issues of Paper Movie project?
We have worked on it since the summer of 2000, but two years later we started publishing something, because it all happened to be too difficult. I did not have the slightest idea of making it such series, but people started asking what’s next. So first was Three-legged Dogs, then we continued with 36, The Apartment and now Cats.

I guess you do not regret continuing the adventure...
When I start something in which I believe, it’s difficult for me to leave it behind. I like completing the stuff. Of course, I cannot do everything on my own – make out the story, take photos and read it myself. A lot of people take part in the whole process – Simeon Levi, Mircho Mirev and many more. However if I stop dealing with the project, it will exist no more. If somebody else quits, I will find anybody else to replace him however difficult it may be.

The publishing of Cats has already happened for a long time...
We planned to make it for a year. Then a year passed, then another one... and ultimately it took two years and a half. But we have not promised the readers some kind of periodicals. We plan the last one to come out at the beginning of October 2007.

What comes after the Cats project?
The next issue of Paper Movie... if there is such one, because it will only happen when we find a very strong story. It is going to be a complete story with episodes to be continued.

Do you know of another similar project, anywhere abroad?
Photo comics, photo novels have created at least since the 40’s and 60’s of the last century. But I haven’t heard about a project like ours which is free. I am even curious to see such one – I am afraid by no competition, I just haven’t found one, yet.


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