Against the Wall

4 May 2007 text Anelia Alexandrova, photos Ilian Ruzhin
Nast, Nassimo, Nastera or Napalm Graffix are the many names of one of the most talented graffiti writers here. He always hides his face as you see on the photo – he does nothing wrong, but just in case. You have certainly seen some of his works at the NDK monument, some subways, construction sites and facades that are a part of the more colourful and beautiful side of our city landscape. The big news these days is that the first Bulgarian graffiti book has already been published. Guess who is responsible for that?

Why did you want to meet so early in the day, why are you in a hurry?
I am going to work. They just called me to paint a room in a private home.

Well, I did not know you don’t mind doing this, can you tells us more about it?
I do all kinds of graphic design, posters, flyers, stickers, interior design.

Do you do many orders like these? And given by people whom you don’t know?
Of course, it happens.

How can people get in touch with you for work like this?
Well, there are contacts on my website; they can send me an email.

Why do you have so many names?
When I just waste my time having nothing to do, I just make out new names. Sometimes some letters just bore me and I add some new ones. It has nothing to do with my projects or something like this.

And what is your real name?
Stanislav, but they call me Nasko.

Tell us, what is there in your book entitled Napalm Graffix, the first graffiti book here, published by Edno magazine?
Inside the book you can find some of my best works – graffiti, illustrations, painted walls, canvases, painted trains. All of the stuff is made by me, some of them together with my friends. People outside the crew also helped. But now we are just few guys left. Most of them started some job and a more serious way of living with thought of the future. When you are working on a salary, it’s easier. I do not want to blame anybody, that’s just the way life goes.

How can we recognize your style?
I do sign my works.

Do the cops chase you?
Yes, if we do it illegally and at some improper places.


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