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30 March 2007 text Mariana Hristova, photos Ilian Ruzhin
Karbovski needs no introduction and his new provocative project deserves attention. The book Trinity Project written together with his true friends, sharing a common drinking tradition Kalin Terziiski and Angel Konstantinov, is a conceptual sequel of a previous poetry volume. He is frank and entertaining as always, no doubt.

Let’s go straight to the point. What is the book Trinity Project all about?
We created it in the most unusual way within our literary boundaries. While having fun with the women and substances entertaining us, we had somebody with us writing down everything. There was always an outside person who loved us a lot or a brand new girl whom we did not know recording our numerous wise thoughts. We did these meetings for two years; we wrote down our wits on napkins and collected them in a box.

So, the record person was never one and the same?
Yes, of course, the woman changed. Sometimes we were alone and just took notes on our own. It always happened in different places.

Did you understand what you wrote afterwards?
Yes, it was easy to read most of it though sometimes we had a problem with the handwriting of the drunken man. We have also included in the book some short mobile messages sent by our friend Atsi, the third member of the group. Then our poetry was blamed to be too good to be so spontaneous. In fact, we are so good that our spontaneity is genial and each line is cool on its own. Besides Kalin Terziiski is the only real poet in this country, so real that can be even touched.

You became popular as a journalist in the Egoist magazine that has already transformed into Ego. Why are you not in the editorial team now?
I am waiting for a good offer with good payment. I used to write in Egoist since his forth issue and I am a very commercial representative of the mega commercial underground. Egoist was a magazine of the new generation while Ego is a success story.

Its target slogan is „for the successful man”, how do you feel in that role?
Well, I am not so successful but I will still find my right place in it. When you see my mortgages and the total print of my books, you will understand something very simple – each old pensioner owning a three-room flat in Mladost HE is richer than me.


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