Charlie and the city

2 March 2007 text Anelia Alexandrova, photos Ilian Ruzhin
There is no way you don’t know who Radoslav Parushev, a.k.a. Charlie, is – unless you are not interested in reading the young and fast Bulgarian literature, lifestyle magazines or… often visiting the Bilkova bar. After the Neverbeunhappy (2004) and the novel entitled Pursuit (2005) the corporate lawyer has recently published his new volume of stories. The book Project Gigamono again includes stories from the meetings and ghosts sneaking in the city heart – so be very careful because “every man is everybody, you know”.

Who do you expect will buy the book?
Nearly 10 thousand people, firstly. I would not have called the book elite, although it’s not for the mass taste. There were 600 000 visits just for one day in the Paulo Coelho’s blog where he has uploaded the first 11 chapters of his new novel. I don’t think there are 600 000 people in the world who shall ever read my books.

I am glad you don’t want to be like Coelho.
I don’t even want to be either Stephan Tsanev, or Nedialko Yordanov. By contrast with the previous two books, this one contains true serious elements. There are at least several pages in it for which I don’t think I am going to be ashamed after ten years. May be I am two-three books away from my first serious work.

What is the leading line of your stories?
About ten of my stories have already been published in some magazines, but now I rewrite them so that they can sound as a whole. In the story before the last one you find out who the murderer from the first one is – something that makes them all complete like in a novel.

Can you compare it with the works of any foreign writer?
I cannot say, it sounds like all my impacts taken as a whole. I like Jorge Luis Borges and Gabriel José García Márquez, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Umberto Eco. It sounds as if I am disgusted with Paulo Coelho.

How will you know when you become a really successful writer?
In Bulgaria no more than five people know about you and exactly their opinion is important to me. Success means writing a good book. Success means sending an email to Milorad Pavich, one of my favourite authors, and telling him who I am.

Do you have plans going out in the book market abroad?
I haven’t done nothing about it yet, but I don’t mind taking 100 000 euro from the German market, for example. I am very much attracted by the Russian market, there all people read. They have nothing to eat, but they read. They will understand me for sure.


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