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23 March 2007 text Nikola Shahpazov, photos Ilian Ruzhin
Art Line Studio has already surprised us with good comics like Spawn, Sin City and the French issue Bleksed. We decided to get in touch with the owner of Art Line Hristo Kotsev and has good chat about Frank Miller, the quality of French comics books and the future of the Bulgarian ones.

It’s surprising that anybody in Bulgaria tries to publish comics. Is it some kind of a financial suicide?
I have to admit that I often think of the whole project as some kind of a suicide, too. I cannot boast myself yet that we earn the big money but we are not at a loss, too. Today we point at French magazines that are more attractive as a story and as a format than the American comics. We have published Bleksed, now we are about to do the same with Sky Doll – a science fiction with some erotic elements. Now we are going to negotiate with Asterix, we have already signed a contract about the publishing of Lucky Luke.

What are your plans for this business in the country?
I want to form some kind of a comics society. When we started publishing Spawn, we needed 7–8 issues in order to convince people that we are not going to stop it. And you see, already for 2 years we have been on the market and we have over 50 comics including the three volumes of Sin City and the Spawn Collection.

It is obvious that most of your magazines are comics for adults...
Yes, we prefer just this kind – something that is not so well sold here. The audience we aim at is from teenagers and more. We will soon publish French comics that is especially political. It about the Pandora’s Box – a series of 8 books dealing with the deadly sins as the last part is about the hope.

Do you have any Bulgarian comics?
We already have a small studio and we know what young artists can offer us. We are planning new issues, much more different than the first 4 Bulgarian books that we have already published. At the moment we are working on the plots that is extremely important. By the end of the year we want to release two new ones on the market.

What shall we expect?
The first one will be horror comics with stuffed toys. The other one will be a crime story with thriller elements, the action takes place nowadays in Sofia. The third story will look like one of Tim Burton’s – with some kind of weird visions.


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