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22 November 2007 text Diana Tomova, photos Ilian Ruzhin
Watch out – on November 25th at 5 p.m. the forth national TV channel called TV2 starts broadcasting fully covering the country. You can watch it everywhere only by using an ordinary antenna with no need of cables or other additional appliances. The start is strong with several provocative programmes. At present the channel broadcasts only 7 hours a day, but the full programme is expected to happen in spring. We asked the programme director Borko Chuchkov how they are going to entertain us till then. He is sure there is no such TV like TV2 and we are likely to believe him.

There is no way to scip the question about Azis – we found out that he will be the host of the night show on TV2, can you give us more details?
It’s clear that we want to provoke the audience and the Azis' Night Show is our big challenge. According to the format each evening there will three guests interviewed by the host. His assistants will be Kateto Evro and Albena Mihova as reporters. The show will be in air five days a week.

This is a strong start. Now I see why your TV motto is Watch out. What meaning do you put in it?
Watch out is more like a big challenge to the viewers. We want to attract their attention by offering something different. The programmes we have are modern formats – our survey showed that these are the ones people want to watch. We have a game called Liar. We have a night show with Azis. You better watch out!

Do you produce these programmes on your own?
They are our TV production but created by external producers specially for TV2. For example the Azis' Night Show is made by Niki Tuparev. We have another show called City legends telling us about the highlife of Bulgaria – it is produced by the well known Ivan and Andrei.

You also start with several foreign formats like The Apprentice produced by Donald Trump, what is it all about?
It is a reality show in which 16 young people with sense of business take part. Donald Trump is not only the producer but also the host. Another format is the absolute Russian hit called Okna. It will be broadcasted two times a day with subtitles. The Russian media talk about it as a shocking show, as a talk show in combination with psychotherapy.

Besides these programmes and the show what else do you rely on? What about the movies?
Of course, there will be movies and soap operas. The full programme will be ready in spring when we are going to have lots of news, morning, publicistic and show programmes through the whole year. At the moment we are discussing and developing different projects and by spring we should have chosen and prepared all programmes that we think are good for our audience.

Is there any TV channel that you use as an example and want to make TV2 as good as it?
No, we are unique! (laughing)


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