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21 September 2007 text Anelia Alexandrova, photos Ilian Ruzhin
On the day of celebrating the holiday of Sofia, September 17th, a brightly new radio programme named Sofia started broadcasting. It is the third programme of the National Radio besides Horizont and Hristo Botev. We turned on the radio, heard what it’s all about and looked for the editor in chief to praise him on the good work. Responsibly the programme is headed by Georgi Liubenov – the same whom you know as the host of Polet nad noshta, Noshten Horizont, 24 Kvadrata, etc.

How do you feel just several days after the first show?
It is a great delight and responsibility to start a new programme. The National Radio has not started such a one for nearly 30 years, so the thrill is immense. The radio is just for Sofia and the region, at FM 94.5. In fact, the radio as a whole started under this name – Radio Sofia. So we continue a very serious tradition connected with lots of people, lives, destines, professionals.

Why now? And how long did it take to create such a radio programme?
It took us a long time to do it, nearly two years. We pointed out the starting date, September 17th, in the summer. The first experimental broadcasting happened on 07/07/07 and since then the music has not stopped playing.

What is the most serious problem of the capital city today?
Everything is important, but the one I dislike most is the traffic, maybe after the one with the garbage. Ecology has been always left behind and it will take revenge for that sooner or later. Sofia is a bubbling modern European city with everything in it – good and bad. The radio is not owned by the municipality and no PR will be made, but cooperation is required.

Isn’t it difficult for you to find your place in this crowded media market at the moment?
Yes, it’s really a hard work to do. There are so many radio programmes, the radio air is full. On the other side, we do not have a contemporary city radio. There are news and talk, Bulgarian music, jazz, electro, retro and all other kinds of radio programmes. A programme addressing the energetic, business, modern type of person we did not have until now.

Are there any new trends on the radio waves, what’s new?
It is extremely modern now to broadcast radio plays. In Great Britain BBC have a really good production. The same happens in Germany and Holland and many other countries around the world.

Do you have such plans?
In fact, we have started with a radio theatre. The play’s title is Transferatu written by Bulgarian authors in a very modern genre called mystification.


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