Georgi Gospodinov: Honestly and balladically speaking

24 August 2007 text Anelia Alexandrova, photos Ilian Ruzhin
Recently Georgi Gospodinov has published a new book collecting poems from all his poetry volumes up to now plus some new ones from the upcoming World’s Sundays. He plans presenting it at the new edition of the Apolonia festival – with a trumpet, voice and may be... a walking stick. We caught him just before leaving to the seaside and talked about poetry and prose, soccer, long sunsets in Sozopol and most of all about his ballads and breakdowns.

How are you? What happened to you? I did not expect to see you in plaster.
I heard different versions about the breaking of my leg. Actually the injury happened in the calmest country in the world, Finland, while we were playing soccer. There was a match between the world team and the team of Finnish writers during a literary festival there.

Let’s talk about your new book. Tell us more about the idea of collecting works from your previous poetry books.
The simplest explanation is that these books happily disappear from the market. Those who were not born before 1992 when the first one Lapidarium was published, now can read it foг the first time. I added some completely new poems, too.
Why have you chosen this title?
There is some movement in it, it rises up and it ruins. It is close to the way I feel the world around myself now. Some things are going down for the last year or two. Aggression and depression...

Your plan is to present the book at the Apolonia festival in Sozopol, is there going to be anything more special there?
Yes, sea and trumpet. Misho Yosifov will take part with his trumpet, the actress Svetlana Yancheva – with her voice, Boyko Penchev – with strong critics. I am also there with my voice and walking stick. Those who have come before know it well – it is going to be sad, funny and natural.

When can we expect your new book entitled World’s Sundays?
Whenever I finish writing it, I’m not in a hurry.

Do you have ideas for a new novel after the Natural Novel?
I have exactly 77 ideas for a novel. In fact, it doesn't sound bad for a title, I will think about it.

How do you usually spend your Sundays?
I read Eliot, listen to the Beatles (laughing). It sounds like an easy English morning.


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