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13 March 2008 text Anelia Alexandrova, photos Ilian Ruzhin
The Bulgarian press market is full of magazines but we still miss something. We are waiting for the change in the middle of April when QM Media starts publishing the Bulgarian version of the Italian L’Europeo – a collector’s issue for the lovers of serious themes and interesting stories. We are curious what we are going to read and how the preparation of the first issue is going on. That’s why we asked its editor in chief Kalina Androlova, whom we know well from magazines like Max and Amica.

Tells us in brief what L’Europeo magazine is all about?
It has a 63-year history. Its contents include publicistic works, interviews, all kinds of journalistic genres as well as fiction texts. The magazine has a kind of a documentary style.

When was it first published?
In 1945 as a daily paper. Later it became a magazine, now it is published once in two months. A lot of famous people have written articles for it like the movie director Mario Soldati, Alberto Moravia, Truman Capote, Ray Bradbury, Erskine Coldwell.

The magazine has a specific structure and each issue follows a certain subject. What is the first Bulgarian issue about?
We have decided to dedicate it to the enterprising and business. The accent is put on the way a person grows up and what happens up there – do they have friends, what do money bring and take away. We have many such stories specially from Europe, as well as about people coming not from here but strongly connected to the European culture.

What authors have you invited in the team?
We have different experts and people who are deep in the subject. There is no way those who are interested in soccer to analyze politics and vice versa.

What is your target?
People who are curious, inspirited, willing to learn and having encyclopedic hunger.

Are you going to synchronize your subjects with the Italian ones?
No, our audiences are very different, they are excited by different matters. The higher the living standard is, the less you want to know who your prime minister is.

What do you do in your free time?
I like drawing, reading. I am much interested in experimental love. I have always accepted love as art. And I like people who understand it in this way and just create it.


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