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3 April 2008 text Ekaterina Chilikova
The name of Ilija Trojanov is usually mentioned in connection with his books, but the author is known also as a journalist, publisher, script-writer and director. He is always on the road passing through South Africa, Asia, Europe and North America. In March we found him for a while even in Bulgaria. We managed to ask him several questions about the publication of his new books and the screening of two movies during the Sofia Film Fest. We’ve got it as a blitz interview – short and clear.

The Bulgarian premiere of your book Dog Days was on March 15th. What's new about our living in the years of democratic change?
The books presents analysis of the process, details of the so called “perestroika” of the nomenclature, but also portraits of interesting people and events.

Your travel book Along the Ganges is also already on the market. How did you decide to make such pilgrimage along the bank of the holy river?
I tried to get deeper in Indian reality and mysticism.

Did the five-year travelling throughout India teach you how to distinguish reality from the myths and absurd?
This is a task for my entire life no matter whether I am in India or Bulgaria.

Some of your books go along with a website  where your fans can follow the story in real time. How is it going?
It happened only once and unsuccessfully.

The movie The World is Big and Salvation Lurks Around that was firstly screened during the Sofia Film Fest is based on your novel of the same name. Where does your salvation lurk?
Who said it lurks?

You worked with other three people on the scenario and after 7 years you reached its 15th version. Did you manage to keep the autobiographical spirit of the novel?
The spirit of the book reflects in the movie. There are some differences of course, but they are necessary and normal.

Inspired by the movie Stefan Kitanov thinks of organizing a tournament in backgammon for the next Sofia Film Fest when he is going to invite the famous director Wim Wenders himself. Are you going to take part in it?
Of course, if there are qualifications. Wim Wenders is a great director but perhaps he is not so good at playing backgammon.

At the festival you also presented your documentary movie Go Ahead and Don’t Forget! A Ballad for Bulgarian Heroes. What makes you go back to the communist past of our country?
It is the misery in Bulgaria nowadays which refers directly to the crimes of the past.

You write your novels in German and poems – in English, while you talk with your mother in Bulgarian. Don’t you feel confused sometimes?
No, I’m confused only in the presence of a beautiful woman.

You have lived all over the world – in Kenya, Tanzania, France, Germany. How do you manage to feel like home everywhere?
Let’s say, the world is big and salvation lurks around.


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