For One Euro

5 June 2008 text Ivan Hadzhivelikov
The next month will surely be exciting for Diema football commentator Borislav Borisov. He already won our trust by commenting the english Premiership but now will have to take on the much harder job of analysing the European championship. For the very first time it will not be broadcasted by the state tv but by Diema instead. We caught up with Borislav just as he was packing his bags for Austria and had a nice talk about the way he was preparing for the task and who would win the title this year.

Hi, Bobi! Have you arrived on the scene?
Not yet. We are leaving on Friday, but i can say that for me the European championship has already begun.

Where will you be exactly?
I'm in the so-called Austrian stream and from 7th to 18th of June i'll comment the Groupe B matches – Austria, Germany, Croatia, Poland, and D – Spain, Russia, Greece, Sweden.

The English Premiership is huge responsibility, but the European championship is entirely different forum. Are you ready for the big challenge?

It's a different kind of experience. I think the viewers will be pleased with the studio programme. There is many new things – as match analysis and software that follows the game. Also – commenting the game directly from the stadium will be totally new experience for us.


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