The Old School

28 August 2008 text Nikola Shahpazov
Niko Tuparev is a serious player. He changed the balance of forces with one move – parted SIA and made media market much more interesting. He soon gathered a strong team to work with, named his company Old School Productions and starts a systematic attack at the tv air. It will be a strong beginning with eight shows that will present almost everything starting from real love drama (Caught Red-handed) and a positive reality (Dancing Stars) and a women's talk show (4 Women). We are surprised that despite having such a heavy schedule Mr. Tuparev was willing to answer our curious questions.

Is there any special meaning behind the name of your company – Old school productions?
We chose the name Old School Productions because we wanted to stress on the continuity and the experience we have gained through all these years of hard work. We also liked the sound of it.

You say that in Old School you will put “the interests of the show first, then the team’s interest and last – that of the media”. Isn’t that making your business with media too complicated?
I think that this may vary to some extent. One of the reasons that made us stop working with Nova television was exactly the attitude of this media towards our productions. Producers have to take care and present their product in the best possible way and this depends on a couple of circumstances, such as advertising strategy and program positioning.

How did you choose the hosts for the new shows?
We trusted people that we worked with and gave a chance to new people because television in Bulgaria need new and fresh faces.

How many new faces are you promoting?
I prefer the spectators to to find it out for themselves. Now, I can only say the name of the host of Caught Red-handed Hristo Zaprjanov who was a very pleasant surprise for us.

Your first production is Caught Red-handed – the Bulgarian version of the American Cheaters starting on 8 September on Diema tv. Is it easy to take such a show and transfer it to Bulgarian media conditions?
There is no reality format that can’t be transferred in its original version. Each one of these formats is a result of a lot of thinking and a serious adaptation to the mentality and the expectations of Bulgarian viewers. That applies to Caught Red-handed.
We’ve seen a lot of shows with music and dances in Bulgaria. What is the new thing that Dancing Stars will offer?

I don’t think the time of dances in Bulgaria has finished. What Dancing Stars will do to win viewers is a new kind of tv making with new and positive messages. Famous people learn how to dance and viewers can’t remain indifferent to that experience full of humor and emotions.


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