9 October 2008 by Aneliia Aleksandrova, photos Iliian Rujin
Andrean Neshev is a designer as well as a collector of cultural clips. He started by cutting street posters with a paper knife so that he could paste together one known yet unknown Bulgarian cultural identity that impressed his German professors quite a bit with his graduation work. Now the idea has developed into a book – Visual Cut Bulgaria presenting 23 Bulgarian studios and artists in the sphere of communication design. Days before the premiere of the book at this Saturday’s Design biennale Andrean confessed tha without BNT’s good old logo things just wouldn’t have been the same.

Tell us a bit about yourself – how did you get into design?
I’m born in Varna but because my mother and father were always so mobile, I’ve travelled through a lot of cities. I wanted to study architecture so I came to Sofia but things didn’t work so I started studying hydro engineering instead. After the fourth semester I felt pretty desperate. I decided to try how things are in germany so I went to Karlsruhe and studied informatics for 2 years. Then I got the idea of connecting informatics and architecture so I went to Cologne to study design.

And how did you get the idea of creating Visual Cut Bulgaria?
A friend of mine showed me a Swiss book on design at the library. The book was an overview of world’s most famous logos and there – next to those of Mercedes and Citroen I saw the BNTlogo for the first time. I found it rather beautiful compared to the big brands.

It’s a pity BNT just changed the logo.
I heard that and it’s a pity, really. It carried some ideas from the times of socialism and people might have been slightly fed up with it but it was a very strong brand. I like the antenna although antennas are disappearing as well. That’s where it all started – I just wondered whether there are others like Stephan Kanchev who designed this and many other logos.

How long did it take to gather all of the materials?
Three months for the information and four more to clear the visual concept, work on the material and the design of the book.

Apart from the visual material there are interviews with the artists whose work is presented. Does that mean the book would be sold outside Bulgaria as well?
Yes, it is done exactly for that reason. So that anyone outside Bulgaria could contact these designers. Now we’re looking for reliable distribution.

Visual Cut Bulgaria wold be presented by Andrean Neshev and his Dusseldorf lecturer Philipp Teufel at the first Design biennale at Shipka 6, floor 3, 11 October, 20:00

Visual Cut Bulgaria could be found at and at bookstores, 59BGN

Andrean's web space is


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