Poetry is a natural force

11 December 2008 Petya Zlatanova
Along with her first book she says Goodbye to the reader. Perhaps now she is boring from the competitions, because almost no gap. Her words are magnet for awards. The latter is from the short story contest Rashko Sugarev. She writes poetry, dramaturgy, she was leading TV, and soon - radio editor. You'll know her by the dimples in corners of her lips and luminous and shine spark in the eyes. Around her is warm and light.
Her new play Cinderella 09 has premiere in Stara Zagora on 19th December in the Regional Library Zahari Knyazheski. Maria Doneva is in the focus of the Programata this week.

Why do bad children receive the greatest gifts?
Perhaps because they are not afraid to ask. They have a character and the world comply more with them.

Your new play is called Cinderella 09. Where it will take the viewers on Christmas eve?
In the main theater in Radnevo we decided that we need a miracle, something beautiful to us off from everyday life. And because we are mature and energetic people, we wanted this beautiful thing to be not sissy and to be funny and fun. The characters from fairy tale are carried in today's world, we have a peep behind the stereotypes and found exactly what we needed - many occasions to smile.

You work with theatrical troupe to the State psychiatric hospital in Radnevo. What do you think about art-therapy?
I think every free contact with art is beneficial. It helps person to express, to communicate better with the world and to be such that he wants. Like learn to speak another language and thereby to find new contacts with people who are your friends. I don't think that painting, theater or poetry can be eliminated diseases. If you removed a permanent tooth - a new one will not grow. But activities with something creative and interesting are satisfying the propensity and ability to make you more balanced and harmonious. Art-therapy at the hospital gives a chance to great group of talented people to declare, and at the same time to deliver pleasure of audience with their plays.

In recent years the sms-poetry genre was naturally build. You write yourself every day in this format between friends. What it takes and what gives this superkratak poetry and dialogic format?
Messages that we reciprocate are our game. This form is elegant and fun, with slight retro-taste. This doesn't allow us to be too descriptive and to get bored but our focus right to substantively. And it is: "you're important to me, I want you to know that I'm well, it's nice when you smile. These messages, at least for me, make the world more comfortable and more lovely place to live. And poetry is a natural force. It was been there even our attempts to change itq they don't affect it. Geniuses only just can scrabble with nail on its surface. We can only enjoy its invisible shade and to develop our senses, to feel better.

What will be the next step in poetry in overtechnological century?
I think it will be nice to write a forefinger on the back of your lover, while you lie in afternoon.

What is your dream before Christmas?
I dream to do good and useful things with interesting people the next year. To live to my new book to come light. To go to sea. To buy another handful of rings. Health and cheer for my relatives. And for world peace, of course!


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