19 February 2009 text Petya Todorova, photos Georgi Vachev, Stefan Andonov
There is nothing better than an official celebration, but even better is when it is supported by Vanya Cholakova and Elena Pavlova from Perfume Wedding Agency to make it more effective and memorable. Two young ladies can make your parties more adventurous. We are not surprised by their next initiative called Married for a day. Ladies passionately told us what exactly it means and how they plan to realize it.

Can you please share now your idea...?
Vanya: Married for a day exactly will be in two days - on 21 and March 22, in Forum Trakiya. The purpose of this event is to include the couples who have already married, and all those who are not newlyweds, but want to be viewed as married. There are no restrictions on couples. Everyone who wants to participate in this adventure is granted the chance to clothe wedding dresses and to experience magic ceremony. We will have different decorations to be replaced periodically.
In what time it will be happened?
Vanya: From 10 a.m. to about 7 p.m. We will know how many couples will participate and will make an order.
Do you expect any assistance from somewhere?
Vanya: Yes, we already talk about this with bridal salons, with hairdressers and make-up salons, so that they will help us. The idea is the wedding to be presented in the most light way. So – for the people who want to experience this event again, and for these who want to do it formally, without signing.
Do you expect many couples?
Vanya: We already have enough. Everyone who we talk about it, adopt the idea with incredible enthusiasm, including our partners. Ultimately, it is more different from anything ever done.
Elena: Actually, we got this idea from the seaside – there people dressed themselves in retro costumes and get photos. We decided that such a thing can be implemented in other scales to be beautiful and grandiose, while being carefree.
What will it cost?
Vanya: The fee for participation is 50lv. Except a really great experience, the couples will receive a disc with pictures, papyrus with wedding vows, engraved cups, bottle of wine and gifts from the cosmetic company.
Elena: And also – they will have a chance to cut the wedding cake and will have their first bridal dance.
And what about if any couples accept this adventure more seriously?
If there are couples who want actually to sign, they must inform us in advance so we can ensure an official person from the ritual house.

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