About the enthusiasm of the circle of enthusiasts Perde

26 March 2009 text Galina Keremedchieva
We usually associate the 22th March with springtime set in. For four young people from Varna the date is the birthday of their artistic society, named Perde. They defined it as a “circle of enthusiasts, united by their interest to every kind of art, which provokes reflections, discussions and self-expressions.”
One of them is Lubomir Sergeev, a professional photographer. Now he works on some large advertising campaign.

Let’s remind who are you and what is behind Perde?
Two years ago we, four young people from Varna, gathered together with lots of ideas – to organize exhibitions, literature evenings, and theatrical plays. In the long run we started with short movies programs. That’s the art, which is interesting for all of us and there was hunger for it. So Perde turned out by itself. We wondered how to name it, so to be clear for everyone. “Circle of enthusiasts” sounds a little bit communistic, but it was most proper.

What was missing in the cultural live in Varna?
We had used to gather together long before the beginning of film shows, a little group of 10-12 persons. Gradually it was found that the place is not enough and we decided to enlarge. So we began on our own account and now there are more than 100 persons on each film show. Short movies are most wanted than exhibition and literature evenings and the organizations of the programs is easier.
Varna is proud with its traditional festivals but it seems there is no place for the non-traditional kinds of art. What kind of institutional support can be expected?
There’s no way to create such places without developing a specific stratum. It exists, but it is silent and apocryphal. People, who are responsible for that, have to be more open minded. There are lots of ideas, but if young people in Varna do as they like, they learn the hard way and go to Sofia. If I want to obtain any cultural satisfaction, I go to Hungary for example. But I’m sure that what I get there, some day I can find here.

What keeps your enthusiasm?
Every time I see more than 100 young persons on our film shows, I recharge my enthusiasm.


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