Beer, Beer, Beer Every Day

19 November 2009 text Ivan Hadjivelikov, photos by Valentin Danevski for Angel Kotsev Studio
The Language of Beer by jazz expert, journalist and beer connoisseur Liudmil Fotev is something much more than just a book.

The story goes that while you were the boss in RFI's Bulgarian department there was a beer machine instead of a coffee one. Is it true?
It is not a legend, but a fact substantiated by documents. My guests and me always had a glass of beer in my show.

In which country beer is most admired?
Belgium - the country with most types of beer, after that The British Isles and everything within the borders of the former Austrian-Hungarian Empire (including Munich)

Is it true that outside Europe there is no good beer?
It is absolutely not true. The last mania - micro breweries, where you can experiment with small amounts, started in the USA before Europe.

I have heard good words from Czechs and Germans about our beers - are they sincere?
Yes, our mass beer is as good as the imported. The cheap mass beers in Germany or France are much lighter and even tasteless.

The earliest hour to drink beer?
It is not polite to drink beer before eleven.

The Language of Beer can be found at the Book Fair at the NPC, 2 - 6 December.
The official presentation is at Twins Club, NPC, 4 December, 20:00


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