• Graphilla Creative Week 2009

    5 March 2009

    About 10 years ago some tireless young people, tempted by graphics, design and photography, made their own space in the Internet in which to show their works. Far from useless forum quarrels and just after authorized access after preliminary approval, they pile up and discuss their visual projects.
  • To Create a Play

    14 January 2009

    Petya Todorova

    All who love to write have a chance to exercise his pen in a competition for the new play on theme: To fall in love in Plovdiv. Organized by the Center for Arts and Education in the Culture department in cooperation with the Foundation The Fire of ...
  • Virtual Home

    7 January 2009

  • Big Bidding

    1 January 2009

  • Heavy Literature

    24 December 2008

  • The eternal Book

    9 October 2008

  • WWF's Climate Tour

    4 September 2008

  • A Fox for Millions

    19 June 2008

    We were absolutely happy about the new version of Firefox and not only because it's free. For no more than four years "the fox" became the second famous web browser after Internet Explorer and with the innovations and the active advertising campaign, the Mozilla Corp. have cast a glance towards absolute domination.
  • 3D Sofia

    6 June 2008

    We've been using Google Earth for quite some time, checking out the lands from above. These days we noticed that some 3D buildings appeared on the Sofia map and investigated.
  • Public vote

    5 June 2008

    The 6th International Short Film Fest In the Palace is coming.
  • You Can Too

    8 May 2008

    Foundation I Can Too presents their new initiative in favour of damaged children.
  • Frankly and Lyrically Speaking

    28 March 2008

    An annual challenge in literature is in search of native talents.

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