• New Year Music Festival

    30 November 2016 - 1 January 2017
    This year the festival becomes 30 years old, but in his list of tasks on the first place stands the desire to rejuvenate its audience.

  • It's time for Apolonia

    1 - 10 September 2016
  • 180°

    23 - 29 July 2016
    180° is the alternative for young artists who would like to escape established rules of their art and further develop their innovative ideas. 180° is the world where tradition stays unknown. 180° presents well-known arts in a different and unexpected light.
  • A to jazZ 2016

    1 - 3 July 2016
    From the 1st to the 3rd of July we will be revising the jazz alphabet with the sixth edition of A to jazZ Festival. The Dog Park behind the Earth and Men National Museum in Sofia, officially known as South Park 2, is the place where we will be meeting friends and having fun, starting from 16:00.
  • Fête de la Musique

    21 June 2016
    "One day. Three locations. A lot of music." - this is how organizers summarize the French music fest that is now happening here, as well. Performances will include rock, swing, pop, jazz, hip-hop and electronic music from both professionals and amateurs.
  • HippieLandia

    1 - 2 July 2016
    A brand new music festival which debuts with two days, two stages and a long list of names from the local and world electronic scene.
  • Opera In The Park

    1 - 31 July 2016
    We're just reminding that Sofia opera and ballet is bringing back it's most respected voices and dancers under the sky at the park of the Military Academy. The start is at 11:00 for the children and 20:00 for the adults, standing infront of the stage between 1st and 16th of July.
  • Summer Is Music

    16 June 2016 - 20 September 2016
  • Sofia Mono

    3 - 13 June 2016
    From 3 to 13 June on the scene of the Military Academy's park we will listen and watch iconic performances, film classics and musical events under the stars. Breakfast at Tiffany's, Mailbox for dirty talks and The Foundation are only part of the program.

    Here are the highlights of the sixth edition of Sofia Mono:
  • Absolut Creative Space

    3 - 9 June 2016
    We will see the creativity in all its forms at the festival Absolut Creative Space.
  • Art Festival Boris Hristov

    17 May 2016 - 30 June 2016
    For the 12th time Museum Boris Hristov opens its art festival.
  • Sofia Music Weeks

    23 May 2016 - 29 June 2016
    The Music Weeks of Sofia - for 47th time.
  • Rocket Psyence Fest

    13 - 14 May 2016
    A year ago Rocket Psyence was just a small live show. Now, it's grown to full-blown two-day fest with six bands from the Balkans. Here's the programme:
  • Art Salon

    11 May 2016 - 5 June 2016
    For the 21 time all the arts will share the halls, foyer and corridors of the National Palace of Culture for nearly a month.
  • European Music Festival

    28 March 2016 - 8 June 2016
    We watch and listen to the world's masters of classical music for the 16th time.

  • Sofia Metal Fest

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    8 - 10 April 2016
    It appeared in the calendar months ago but the line-up continues to grow. So far we know these facts: the first edition of the fest comes with a long weekend indoors and (at least) 15 bands from Bulgaria and abroad.
  • Days of the Tango

    11 - 13 December 2015
    Two are needed the play the most passionate game in life, and on the floor. Naturally, we speak of tango. This Friday, 11 December, is its star moment in the world's calender, and in Sofia we'll celebrate it with 3 days of dancing, lessons, workshops and concerts at the Central Army Club. Check the full program at dninatangoto.com.
  • Christmas at the Sofia Opera

    4 - 27 December 2015
    The festival is making its debut this year with some of the most beloved operas and ballet shows, such as Don Carlos, The Nutcracker, Traviata and more. The program includes spectacles for children as well.
  • Impossible Fest

    4 - 6 December 2015
    Music and theater - independent in nature but put together in this festival. From 4 to 6 December Impossible Fest gathers indie music and theater and to enter this underground, head to the underpass of the National Palace of Culture. During each of the three evenings at DNK there will be one performance and several bands and DJs.
  • Agitato'

    20 - 29 November 2015
    Agitato' is a newly created festival for the savvy audience of chamber music. The project will be annual and will include performing groups as well as creative workshops, competitions, open doors, meetings with composers and more.