• Goloka Festival

    2 - 3 August 2019
    We are listening to hip-hop live with some of out best Bulgarian rappers in two nights.
  • Blueberry nights

    26 - 28 July 2019
    Ambaritsa hut lights up for the blueberries nights again and free souls. If you are one of them, tighten the bag and comfortable shoes, climb up the Troyan Balkan and under two guitars bands, the folk bagpipes of the group Ravnets and the electronic rate of a DJ there are folk dances, zumba and yoga you can particiapte in.
  • Perelik World Music & Jazz Festival

    27 July 2019
    For the 14th year the fest puts its fans at the terrible 2191m altitude in the mountain near Smolyan. There, illuminated only by fire and candles, the barn at the top becomes a rostrum for musicians who otherwise won't see each other side by side.
  • Sun Tribe Free Open Air

    26 - 27 July 2019
    On the main road Burgas-Sozopol bus number 5 brings you to 42 ° 25'48 .41 "N 27 ° 32'21.14" E or park Rosenets (also known as Otmanli), which in two days is surrounded by selected reggae, hip-hop musicians and DJs. If the weekend is free, leave your (eco) trace in the woods, comfortable for camping.
  • 180°

    20 - 26 July 2019
    Between July 20th and 26th our ideas of music, dance and theater will get turned around - the sixth edition of the 180° fest (also known as the Laboratory for Innovative Art) brings a whole week of brave art experiments, always starting at 19:30, always with free entrance.
  • Оn the Jazz Waves

    5 - 7 July 2019
    We are meeting with A to Jazz for the ninth time, always in early July, so we can move  along with the curves of the jazz instruments. In the South Park 2 there is a scene alreday, which will be lightened up for three evenings from July 5th to 7th with impressive headliners - down we talk about them, and atojazz.bg there is more.
  • White Rabbit Festival

    6 - 7 July 2019
    Two years after its initial launch, White Rabbit continues to grow. This year, it will have a day program on Ivan Vazov St, complete with art installations and a lot of good music for free, on July 6 & 7. The night of July 6 is a party night - at Carrusel where we listen to DJ Guy Williams, and at Tell me with the Brits Crazy P.

  • Hmsu Open-Air Summer Festival

    19 - 21 July 2019
    The D&B spies Hydro, Dabs, Purcell and more are going to make us move with their mixes in 3 days.
  • Vola Open Air

    26 - 28 July 2019
    The peak is getting sharper with the music of Abnormal Sleepz, J Illa and Lenzman.
  • Festival in the Nature

    18 - 22 July 2019
    Techno and haus under the stars of Maglizh with djs Afriwuq, Cristi Cons, Peppou, Risto and more.
  • Share the music: Vrana

    7 - 10 July 2019
    Sofia Philharmonic is moving their instruments at the Vrana Palace, where we listen to compositions by Bizet, Puccini and Verdi (July 7; 8pm), Bach, Mendelssohn and Piazzola (July 8; 8pm), A fairytale for the song (July 9; 6pm) and Mendelssohn (July 10; 8pm)
  • Dolna Malina Open Air Fest

    1 - 30 June 2019
    Until the end of june we are witnessing art workshops, concerts and sport activities in Dolna Malina village.
  • Electric Orpheus

    21 - 22 June 2019
    Two days with music, wine from the villa, beer and gourmet are waiting just outside Plovdiv - Villa Yustina is 25km away from the city.
  • Hills of Rock

    28 - 30 June 2019
    We are listening tothe heavy rock guitars from Disturbed, Whitesnake and Garbage and more bands in three days.
  • Uke Fest

    19 - 20 June 2019
    The ukulele fest will make us want one on our own after we hear the 15 groups, which will play this instrument. In the end there will be a flash mob and enyone who wants is free to join the musicians.
  • SoFest

    14 - 16 June 2019
    In Kino Cabana in three days we are witnesing the balkan sounds from Tanos Stavridis Quartet, Theodosiy Spasov and his quintet and the jazz trio Kitanovski. The second day is for Hilda Kazasyan and her band and the last day is for Akaga. There is also rich program for kids - theater, music and workshops.
  • Radio Park Fest

    14 - 16 June 2019
    It begins in friday and we are about to hear pop, rap and rock on the stage of the festival in South Park.
  • Lost Age

    21 - 23 June 2019
    With some heavy guitars the festival is free for some clothing experiments, which show your true beliefs.
  • Francofolies

    21 - 22 June 2019
    Every year the festival is saying hello with some of the best artists and this year the highlights are LP, Caravan Palace, morandi and Kenji.
  • Festival meadows

    14 - 16 June 2019
    Even if you're not very dzen this festival is coming with its pshychedelic and techno beats to try its best to calm you down.