• Radar Festival Beyond Music

    3 - 5 August 2018
    Pack your bags for a trip to the Varna's gallery where you can see bunch of interesting things.
  • Goloka Festival

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    3 - 5 August 2018
    Hip-hop, dance and food will be gathered in front of the monastery. The start is at 1 pm and we will hear the rhymes of Wosh MC and Yoko, Uma i duma, Golyam Yus and Toksikolozi from Macedonia. On saturday Jay and Keranov as well as FO, Murda Boys and part of the crew of ShadowLab will take their turn.
  • Free Festival of the Timelessness

    27 - 29 July 2018
  • Perelik Eco Jazz Festival

    28 July 2018
  • Where We At: 02

    27 - 28 July 2018
  • Sun Tribe Open Air Fest

    27 - 28 July 2018
  • Blueberry Nights at Ambaritsa

    27 - 29 July 2018
  • Ritual Gatherings

    28 July 2018
  • 180°[2018]

    21 - 27 July 2018
    You don't have to turn around - the festival 180 degrees doesn't stand behind us, and takes out in front of us new experiments in dance, theater, music and visual arts. From July 21 to July 27, they are gathering us at Factory 126 and Goethe Institute (after 7:30 pm), check the full program on 180-degrees.org.
  • Scene of the senturies

    7 July 2018 - 5 September 2018
    Tsarevets fortress is becoming an arena for opera and ballet stagings such as Romeo an Juliet of the Arabesk ballet, after that is Madame Butterfly. On 21th of july we put the masks of Zorro and six days later The Phoney Civilization will take place. Between 11th af august and 5th of september we will meet La Gioconda, princess Aida and Man of La Mancha. For details go to their facebook page.

  • Hills of rock

    20 - 22 July 2018
    Last summer the festival made us go "wow" and this time will be no different.
  • Festival in the nature

    19 - 22 July 2018
    In four days we will talk with the flora and fauna under a techno beat.
  • Opera of the Peaks

    13 - 29 July 2018
    Le Corsaire is the first ballet walking on the scene. After that Giselle and Don Quixote in the next two days. From 20th to 22th of july the Requiem, Carmen and Tosca will take place. And next week is for the musical Mamma Mia! Magura cave is a scene for the festival impression from Wagner.
  • Summer Happening

    13 - 15 July 2018
    Reggae and hardcore with ethno and fusion make us go round and round again in this year Summer Happening.
  • Mozart Celabration

    12 - 15 July 2018
    Pravets is near, there is a pool in the RIU hotel and the spectacles in the 14-year-old festival are alway high class. You are about to see Tosca, The Magic Flute, Turandot, Swan Lake and many more. For more information and detailed program you can go to mozartfest.eu.
  • Share the Music at the Vrana Palace

    11 - 15 July 2018
    Additional parking spots and late buses back to the city are the plans of the Municipality, so that it can support our full relaxation on the waves of classics, folklore and movie soundtracks at Share the Music at the Vrana Palace - the summer adventure of the Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra.
  • A to Jazz

    6 - 8 July 2018
    From the 6th to the 8th of July we're about to hear jazz and soul artists such as Lalah Hathaway, Jazzmeia Horn, Cory Henry and many more.

  • Radio Park Fest

    15 - 17 June 2018
    Find yourself a blanket, cause there is another fest for you. Angel Kovachev, Preya and Bobo and the Gang will perform first. On the second day, there will be Marten, Ruth Koleva and Stefan Valdobrev. The festival will end with the bands Dead man's hat, Saint Electrics and Jeremy?.
  • HippieLandia

    22 June 2018
    There are 5 different stages and here is what you're about to hear.
  • 49th International Festival Sofia Music Weeks

    23 May 2018 - 27 June 2018