• A feeling of love

    A feeling of love
    The performance is a love explanation for Europe's music, dance, poetry and theater. Includes selected love poems from the greatest European writers, poets and thinkers, symbolic of their nation and age. We are watching at New Theatre on February 25 ...


  • Portraitno Trio Vol.3

    Portraitno Trio Vol.3
    We are happy to invite you to the third concert with original music by jazz musician Vasil Spasov, created especially for the cultural space Portrait . In the third edition the soloist is Arnau Garrofe (saxophone). The trio has a permanent ...


  • Басни

    Вдъхновен от древногръцките разказвачески традиции, индийската култура и френското народно творчество, Жан дьо Лафонтен създава едни ...

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