• Handmade Lamps Bazaar

    Handmade Lamps Bazaar
    Metal, glass, rope, an old telephone, a bike tire - all of these elements and more enter the studios of a bunch of artists, so that they can turn into lamps from the future. You'll find them at gallery Underground on May 28 and 29 between 15:00 and ...


  • Vintage Garden Party

    Vintage Garden Party
    In Once Upon A Time Biblioteka's garden, with help from The Smugglers Collective. Put on the dotted skirts and the suspenders and head over there on May 29 - after 15:00 there will be music, dancing and a handmade bazaar with a ton of great ...


  • Детска Игриада

    Детска Игриада
    4 юни, 9:00, парк Заимов Ако ви е трудно да накарате хлапето да остави таблета и да поиграе наистина, ето ви един силен коз – Детската ...



  • Draw me a letter

    Draw me a letter
    She's about to go to Fonthsmith - a leading type foundry creating fonts, where our girl Krista Radoeva works as a creator of the "simpliest and most effective way to communicate". Her way is a long journey, which starts with the Graphic ...
  • From No one to Someone: Andrey Andonov