• Bobo & The Gang

    Bobo & The Gang
    The band is presenting its debut album on March 30 at Terminal 1 with the powerful support from the British duo HanLei. The LP is called Govori and features 10 tracks that will start introducing themselves to us at 21:00, if we manage to get on of ...


  • Creative Mornings

    Creative Mornings
    Neda Sokolovska is a director and the creator of Studio for documentary theatre Vox Populi. And also she brought the verbatim theatre in Bulgaria. On March 31 she's behind the mic for breakfast to share her take on the theme Taboo - at 08:30 at ...



  • To Hear The heart of Mozart

    To Hear The heart of Mozart
    Everyone is talking about the asteroid that is named after him and is travelling around the sun 250 million kilometres from here. His path in the music universe, however, is way more interesting. The principal conductor of Heidelberg - with reserved ...
  • 8 Moments of Raycho Stanev